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United States Federal Government Support

The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) was first introduced by The United States Federal Chief Information Officer, Mr. Tony Scott, on March 2, 2016. DCOI mandates the installation of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software to ensure automated monitoring of key performance indicators and Target Metrics Reporting. On August 1, 2016, DCOI was sign into law by the White House as the official replacement for the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and has more stringently defined goals and mandates to eliminate underutilized data centers and infrastructure assets throughout the Federal Government, while promoting inter-agency facility and services sharing. DCOI, even more specifically than FDCCI, FITARA or the previous Presidential Executive Orders, defined the parameters for what is considered a data center, by tier and by specific technology categories presently operating within Government data centers. DCOI however works in unison, and aligns perfectly, with FITARA as well as standing Presidential Executive Orders.

In addition to the mandate that all Federal Government Agencies implement, in some cases immediately, a DCIM solution to eliminate manual inventory management (such as spreadsheets), automate the monitoring of key metrics from servers and other equipment, and report in a timely manner on Target Metrics to be considered fully compliant before September 30 2018, DCOI also requires that federal agencies develop and report their data center optimization strategies to eliminate inefficient facilities, optimize existing facilities, implement strategies that embrace Cloud-first, introduce innovative inter-agency shared service facilities and best-practices, and ultimately transition to more efficient, streamlined, and a more sustainable use of government Information Technology.

All of the strategies, measurements, and decision-making information necessary for Government Agencies to embrace and achieve the mandates specified within the DCOI are enabled and met with certainty by Rackwise DCiM X software, as confirmed through dedicated pilot projects, market evaluations, and advanced long-term pilots conducted collaboratively between Rackwise and Government stakeholders. Rackwise DCiM X software provides a solution that is fully compliant, security-certified for implementation within Classified government high-security networks, and the only to automate Target Metrics Reporting specifically as defined within the DCOI. Over many years of working with key government leadership, Rackwise DCiM X has been collaboratively designed to fully automate Target Metrics Reporting right out of the box. There is no need to buy special module or add-on features to make this work, it’s all included.

Rackwise DCOI Toolbox® for The United States Federal Government

Below you’ll find useful tools to help you navigate complex DCOI requirements related to Documentation, Automation and Target Metrics Reporting.

Rackwise has invested over 10 years in understanding the requirements and objectives of the Federal Government, specifically with focus on data center consolidation, optimization, automated monitoring, and analytics automation that historically have driven FDCCI, FITARA, numerous Presidential Executive Orders, and now DCOI. Rackwise completely understands these requirements. We purposely developed and offer a fully functional and DCOI-compatible DCIM solution to help you with your mission. We offer this toolkit in further support for meeting these objectives.

Please browse through the toolbox below. Within each of these tabs you will find documents and tools that we have organized by relevance to each of the tabs in the Rackwise DCOI Toolbox®.

Feel free to contact us anytime with specific questions or comments related to our DCOI Toolbox.


Rackwise enables centralized electronic documentation of every physical asset that comprises your agency IT and Facility inventory, as well as automated monitoring, calculation of energy consumption and trends in real-time, and automated reporting and delivery to get The Right Reports to The Right Personnel at The Right Time.

  • Secure
  • Centralized
  • Accessible and Reliable
  • Eliminates Manual Documentation Practices
  • Automates Server and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Automates Target Metrics Reporting with a Federated Framework Design
  • Avoids downtime costs associated with human error
  • Reduces over 50% of compliance and auditor workload associated data center audits
  • Identifies and Justifies Facility Consolidation Opportunities
  • Provides Chargeback Billing, such as Government Shared Service Providers and Customers
  • Adapts and Integrates Readily with ANY third-party system, government, and others


Rackwise DCiM X software includes an extremely robust real-time monitoring framework.

Regardless of the data center size (tiered or non-tiered) monitoring of system utilization is a critical requirement of DCOI. In addition to eliminating manual processes for documenting data center IT and Facility assets, Agencies must employ monitoring to prove effective utilization practices, automatically capture key metrics that feed calculations for Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) among other key requirements. Rackwise provides it all.

The Rackwise DCiM X Monitoring Framework (included with Rackwise DCiM X) provides best-practices and everything needed to capture, aggregate, and report on every critical measurement required by DCOI, including Target Metrics Reporting, and JSON-compatible integration with Government reporting frameworks such as PortfolioStat.

Despite what some government guidance has suggested, it is NOT ENOUGH to simply deploy web-crawlers as a means of measuring servers. This is because non-specific tools, such as generic crawlers or data extraction tools, have neither the ability to track trends nor the ability to aggregate and associate every required measurement back to the physical asset, especially as they are moved around the enterprise throughout their lifecycle. Most crucially, crawlers or scraping utilities, do not possess the ability to correlate all the other metrics that work in concert relative to calculating Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), optimization trending, utilization balance and exceptions, or other critical data points.

These tasks can only be achieved via a purpose built metering system, such as is designed into Rackwise DCiM X software, a dedicated purpose-built application. Agencies can employ Rackwise DCiM X Monitoring for every asset, regardless of tier, and automate the process for optimization reporting and target metrics reporting while eliminated up to 80% of the workforce that is presently required to perform such duties.

Target Metrics Reporting

  • When the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) was introduced, Rackwise designed OMB KPI reporting into our product to benefit US Federal Agency customers.
  • When President Obama issued Executive Order M-14-08, it demanded improved compliance with reporting of OMB KPI metrics, specifically as guidance related to Fiscal Year 2014 PortfolioStat and future, Rackwise specifically created automated reports that automate this process precisely to the key performance indicator (KPI) metrics being demanded. All of this is readily available at the click of a button.
  • The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) underscored the directive to improve data center efficiency, Rackwise provided a direct pathway from Rackwise DCiM X Reports to PortfolioStat, providing critical assistance to automate this process.
  • When the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) was introduced, Rackwise had already anticipated and adapted its OMB KPI Reports and PortfolioStats outputs to match those being required by DCOI. Again, All Automated, and All Inclusive.

Rackwise Stands Ready to Deploy and Serve The United States Federal Government

Rackwise DCiM X software is designed and developed entirely in the United States. Our product source code is strictly controlled within the United States to provide greater assurance for Federal Government customers that utilize our solution regarding cybersecurity.

Rackwise stands at the ready to assist all branches of the U.S. Federal Government achieve their IT optimization mission objectives with purpose-built data center infrastructure management software that securely enables the management, monitoring and reporting for all enterprise IT and facility assets within your Agency. With respect to the broader definitions of DCOI, and relative to “what constitutes a data center”, Rackwise DCiM X software provides tremendous value and ease of use not only for things in the data center, but also for management of enterprise IT and Facility assets outside of the data center such as cubicle areas, call centers, security and network operations centers, common print and compute areas, as well as intermediate telecom and relay closets.

While each Agency may have varying security and technology management requirements, all share the common challenges with respect to having centralized, visualized management of IT and Facility Assets, Measuring and Reporting Available Capacity, and Reporting on Target Metrics and consolidation practices to government oversight committees:

  • Rackwise DCiM X Enterprise software is available as a centrally installed system (within your Agency and behind your firewall) and has been tested and certified as being cleared for implementation in high-security classified networks. Rackwise DCiM X is a DCIM solution that employs ITIL and ITSM standards for all operational aspects including product updates and change management process. Rackwise embraces your change control process, rather than dictating that you must do it our way.

For more information about Rackwise, Rackwise DCiM X, or how Rackwise will help you achieve your DCOI and FITARA obligations, please contact us at any time.