Knowledge transfer is critical to long range results and continued satisfaction.

RACKWISE End-User Training Services

RACKWISE offers a diverse range of modularized Training Services designed to provide customers with the most flexible training possible for their users. Training programs are structured to allow customer’s technical and business users to obtain the most effective training based on their particular job function by selecting and coupling the modules most meaningful to them. RACKWISE can help build a training program that makes sense for your users of the  RACKWISE DCiM Xtm software.

RACKWISE offers Training Units, which lets customers conveniently purchase credits that may be utilized throughout a 12-month period. This allows customers and RACKWISE to schedule progressive training sessions over the course of a year. This allows the student to quickly become most proficient on the core product, then delve into more complex areas such as customizations or exploiting more advanced capabilities of your RACKWISE DCiM Xtm software investment.

  • All Training classes are instructor-led and may be delivered either on-site or via Internet delivery means for the same price. At the present time, RACKWISE recommends on-site training at your facility to develop more interaction between students and the trainer. Onsite training, however, is subject to reimbursement of actual travel expenses.
  • Customers may purchase additional Training Units at any time, based on the total annual training program desired by customers. Volume discounts on Training Units are available.


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Most Common Training Classes Requested

The following are six most commonly requested Training Classes by our customers with the respective number of Training Units used for each class.

  1. RACKWISE DCiM Xtm Product Training (24 Training Units), includes five (5) modules as follows:
    1. Module 1: RACKWISE DCiM Xtm Overview
    2. Module 2: Visio Basics
    3. Module 3: Using the SmartClient
    4. Module 4: Using the Web Portal
    5. Module 5: Customizing and Administering
  2. Data Import and Reconciliation In-Depth Training (8 Training Units), includes three (3) modules as follows:
    1. Module 6: Using RACKWISE DCiM X SmartClienttm Excel import/export spreadsheet
    2. Module 7: Validating and correcting errors in using RACKWISE Excel spreadsheet validation process
    3. Module 8: Applying validated spreadsheets to RACKWISE DCiM Xtm solutions
  3. Cable Management Training (8 Training Units) includes four (4) modules as follows:
    1. Module 9: Overview of RACKWISE DCiM Xtm Cable Management
    2. Module 10: Approaches for added cable connection information
      1. Module 10a: adding cable connections via Excel spreadsheet method
      2. Module 10b: adding cable connections via RACKWISE DCiM Xtm method
    3. Module 11: Running cable management reports
    4. Module 12: Running “what-if” scenarios related to cable connections
  4. Reports and Report Scheduling (16 Training Units) includes three (3) modules as follows:
    1. Module 13: Standard RACKWISE DCiM Xtm Reports overview, running and reviewing
    2. Module 14: Scheduling reports for automated delivery
    3. Module 15: Introduction to custom report writing
  5. Configuring Real-Time Monitoring (8 Training Units) includes two (2) module as follows:
    1. Module 16: Configuring real-time monitoring of smart devices using SNMP
    2. Module 17: Working with real-time monitoring data
  6. Executive Training Workshop (5 Training Units) including three (3) modules as follows:
    1. Module 18: Overview of RACKWISE DCiM Xtm (high-level of modules 1 through 5)
    2. Module 19: Reviewing executive level reports (Green Data Center, Top-Consumer, etc.), running searches, and running business services “what-if” scenarios
    3. Module 20: Exploring the steps to optimizing and greening your data center

User Training

Group training for end users of the RACKWISE software. The core training content is the same as RACKWISE training received when the software was first implemented. The training content can be customized to your needs.


Advanced Training

This is a consultative service for existing users who want to become “experts” in RACKWISE. We would work with you on processes for RACKWISE in your company (design, management, etc.) and advise you on how to better use RACKWISE in your environment. This service is intended for RACKWISE administrative users.



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