Use the power of RACKWISE DCiM Xtm to generate Trend and Historical reporting to help monitor and predict future resource consumption.

Trend and Historical Reporting

  • Trend and forecast power, heat generation, space utilization, port consumption, etc
  • Display moving averages in trend and historical projections
  • Graphically display when demand will exceed capacity

RACKWISE DCiM Xtm provides power dashboards, analytics, as well as single-line power diagrams for quick visual overview of upstream and downstream equipment and respective utilization throughout the data center.

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Utilize RACKWISE DCiM Xtm’s highly configurable report parameters to adjust the forecast periods to achieve customized forecast reports.

Using RACKWISE DCiM Xtm’s forecasting capabilities determine well in advance when resource exhaustion will occur, and make appropriate plans to enhance resources or curtail consumption.


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