RACKWISE’S goal is to ensure that every customer achieves excellent results when leveraging RACKWISE DCiM Xtm software to manage and optimize their enterprise and data center infrastructures.


RACKWISE offers a range of Services built upon our experience gained via hundreds of successful customer, projects, industry best-practices, and by refined agility for meeting Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) requirements and resulting in the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest deployment cost. Our Service offerings include Technical Support, Professional Services, Turn-Key Implementation Services, data importation from your spreadsheets and/or Visio diagrams, as well as ANY of our competitors’ systems, and end-user Training.


Our services are  purposefully designed to improve the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a customer’s enterprise and data center infrastructure operations by learning and leveraging all of the capabilities included within RACKWISE DCiM Xtm software. We combine our expertise in best practice data center management with our industry leading software to provide a solution tailored to your organizations needs.


Professional Services

RACKWISE Professional Services offerings include Scalable Architecture Planning and Installation, Existing Data Preparation, Data Import and Reconciliation, Enterprise and Data Center Physical Inventory Audit, DCIM Innovation Workshops,  Integrations, Customizations and Custom Reports, DC HealthCheck and Project Management.

RACKWISE is happy to discuss the level of assistance than you may desire and structure a unique and cost effective services proposal based on your environment and needs.


Training Services

RACKWISE Training Services are modular in design and may be delivered remotely via the Internet, or conducted onsite and in-person at your facility.


Software Maintenance and Technical Support

Rackwise Software Maintenance and Technical Support ensures that your Rackwise DCiM X solution is updated to our latest release version. Rackwise generally releases one major revision per year, with minor revisions delivered on a quarterly basis. Our Support team will notify you of new updates, coordinate installation schedule, and also assist you during the installation update process. With your annual software maintenance, comes all new enhancements, new features, and all new innovations that we incorporate into our product. This means, you never have to purchase these features when we introduce them to the DCIM industry. Rackwise is known as being first-to-market with nearly all of our new product features. And, you get them all. Additionally, you are provided with unlimited technical support assistance, where our Support team is standing by to provide assistance, suggestions and best-practices, and resolution of any difficulties you may be having. Our standard support model is Monday through Friday between the hours of 7am and 7pm EST/EDT. When you become a Rackwise customer, you may contact our Support via email, telephone, or via Rackwise’s Customer Support Portal (a user-specific web-portal). 24x7x365 Support is available upon request and is subject to additional fees.

Your investment is protected with Rackwise’s Software Maintenance and Technical Support services. Your annual cost for Software Maintenance and Technical Support is based on the amount of site and users licenses that you’ve purchased, and our renewal pricing formula has remained the same for many years. Rackwise offers discount incentives for multi-year prepaid service agreements.


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