RACKWISE DCiM Xtm provides an unsurpassed set of business analytics, with presentation quality dashboards and reports, for a comprehensive and detailed operational view of key business financial and service metrics across any of your data centers.

Business Analytics

  • Effectively calculate and communicate the financial break down of data center costs, expenditures, and overhead
  • Model as many potential projects as desired without making changes to the underlying datacenter configuration. Quickly determine the viability of any proposed project, and generate easy to understand financial overviews
  • Lower risk by ensuring redundancy to power, avoiding cascade failures, and correlating services to infrastructure
  • Enable charge back to internal customers, in addition, costs associated with external customers
  • User customizable reporting ensures internal and external reporting needs are met. All customized reports can be saved as a template for future use
  • Report on Power Expenditures, Operational Costs, and Capital Costs
  • Perform unlimited “what if” analysis
  • Generate a break even ROI based on the cost savings associated with physical changes to the data center
  • Calculates savings in space, power, heat, and weight
  • Calculates financial impact based on power costs bias against the capital expenditure for new equipment
  • Document all of the associated components, hardware, software, virtual machines, operating systems, applications, etc. that support a business service and their relationship to each other
  • Determine risk to business service by calculating the redundancy to power of supporting equipment
  • Simulate failure of components of the power infrastructure and their impact on business services
  • Calculate and graphically display the underlying costs of offering a business service
  • Compare and graphically display the differing costs of offering the same business service at different physical locations

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