Harkeeret Singh Joins RACKWISE®, Inc. Industry Advisory Board

Advisory Board addition further advances RACKWISE® leadership in DCiM Xtm market

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2012 /Business Wire/ — RACKWISE®, Inc. (OTCBB:RACK.OB) (the “Company”) announced today that Harkeeret Singh will join Stephen O’Donnell, Steve Biondi and Richard Scannell to serve on the Company’s recently formed RACKWISE®, Inc. Industry Advisory Board (the “Advisory Board”), a distinctive group of industry thought leaders and visionaries providing strategic guidance to the Company.

Mr. Singh brings to the Advisory Board an extensive background and industry reputation as one of the primary enablers advocating greener and more sustainable information technology infrastructure strategies. He is currently Global Head of Energy and Sustainable IT at Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. In this role, Mr. Singh is responsible for energy efficiency and sustainability across technology operations, including Data Centers, Servers, Storage, Network and Desktop. In addition, Mr. Singh has performed substantial research of data centers and information technology environments in both Europe and the United States in particular pursuit of advancing energy responsible principles and working across traditional boundaries to achieve holistic efficiency. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Mr. Singh served in a variety of roles, including Head of Data Center Strategy, at UK-based BT (formerly British Telecom), one of the world’s largest communications services companies.

Mr. Singh has extensive engagement with industry bodies with regard to energy optimization and environmental sustainability, liaising with a multitude of forums and consortiums, including: The Green Grid, serving as vice chairman of the Advisory Council and chairman of its EMEA Technical Work Group chartered with developing and refining regionally-relevant content to improve resource efficiency in data centers, specific to the region and which contribute to the global opportunity; the European Union Code of Conduct for Data Centers; and energy efficiency initiatives promulgated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. Additionally, Mr. Singh is a lead industry representative for multiple global climate change policies, including U.K. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Carbon Reduction Commitment) and others across the world.

On his appointment to the RACKWISE®, Inc. Industry Advisory Board, Mr. Singh commented, “Data center managers and information technology professionals are continually seeking viable alternatives to deliver corporate objectives of optimizing operational efficiencies and maximizing economic benefits of business computing ecosystems within the context of exercising judgment befitting responsible global citizens. Data center infrastructure management (“DCiM Xtm”) and the RACKWISE® suite of products and service offerings advance both operational and economic optimization while promoting environmentally responsible resource efficiency. The Company’s DCiM Xtm solutions incorporate powerful, state-of-the-art tools for real-time data management that are positively positioning RACKWISE®, Inc. within the data center infrastructure management market and I look forward to facilitating their strategic objectives in the industry through my role as advisor.”

Mr. Guy A. Archbold, RACKWISE®, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are exceedingly pleased to welcome Mr. Harkeeret Singh to our RACKWISE®, Inc. Industry Advisory Board. Harkeeret’s industry acknowledged reputation as the “Energy Czar” at Thomson Reuters and globally recognized advocate for innovative green sustainable IT infrastructure strategies will be critically important in educating the global network of data center managers, information officers and other information technology professionals in the benefit of DCiM Xtm and our Company’s DCiM Xtm product and service offerings to responsibly meet their evolving information technology infrastructure management needs.”

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