Managed Services Provider Selects RACKWISE DCIM X™

- RACKWISE® solution to manage global network of data centers –

RACKWISE®, Inc. (OTC: RACK) (the “Company”), a leading developer of data center infrastructure management (“”) software and service solutions, today announced that a global provider of managed services and infrastructure for outsourced information technology (“IT”) and cloud computing (the “Services Provider”) has selected RACKWISE® to manage its global network of data centers.

The Services Provider offers a single provider solution for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, colocation and data centers. Serving major financial and technical markets around the world, the Services Provider’s rapid business growth has presented challenges to effectively managing its computing resources, including visibility and control of its inventory of data center and IT infrastructure assets. In addition, enhanced power tracking, capacity utilization and planning, management, control and operational optimization were cited as key objectives of its present and prospective strategies. After a comprehensive evaluation of currently available tools, the Service Provider selected the RACKWISE® solution for its superior features and functionalities, including ease-of-use, expansive tool set, ability to both monitor and model power utilization, and flexible implementation approach. The advanced visualization, capacity planning, power chain modeling, power monitoring and reporting features of the RACKWISE® solution also enables the Service Provider to significantly enhance its data center control, planning, and reporting capabilities to support its current and anticipated global expansion.

Mr. Guy Archbold, RACKWISE®, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, commented, “IT managed services continues to accelerate as a prominent technology business segment, presenting unique operational and planning challenges for companies managing networks of multi-use, multi-tenant data centers around the world. We are thrilled that a leading global managed services provider. after an extensive evaluation of available products, selected RACKWISE® , highlighting ease of use as well as advanced reporting, analytics, power management and modeling among the superior functionalities and features of our solution. Optimizing IT cost and operational efficiencies remains an increasingly critical strategic mandate to support business growth objectives and associated financial success. This latest selection of RACKWISE® by a leading multinational firm further validates that IT professionals turn to RACKWISE® solutions to efficiently and effectively plan, manage, and control their data centers and computing infrastructures to achieve the highest levels of operational and cost optimization by assuring reliability, discovering hidden capacity, and enabling efficiencies across their IT landscape.”

About RACKWISE®, Inc.
RACKWISE®, Inc. (OTC:RACK) is a leader in software development and marketing within the growing data center infrastructure management (“”) market for IT infrastructure tracking, monitoring, modeling, and management. The Company’s flagship product, RACKWISE® , incorporates open architecture designs into a vendor agnostic platform affording IT professionals maximum flexibility for efficient integration in any computing environment. The RACKWISE® offering provides features and functionalities to assure reliability, identify hidden capacity, and improve efficiencies resulting in accelerated returns on investments through significantly optimized data center facilities and IT infrastructures. integrates device level, real-time monitoring with advanced modeling, reporting, analytics and other critical capabilities, enabling clients to more effectively manage today’s high density computing configurations and virtualized data centers, mitigate risks associated with cascading faults and other potential inefficiencies within the infrastructure, and facilitate progress to more sustainable “green” data centers. RACKWISE® products and services are used by over 150 companies worldwide. For more information, visit

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