RACKWISE®, Inc. Advisory Board Member Harkeeret Singh Recognized

Earns Judges Award for Green Grid Leadership at 2012 Datacentres Europe Awards

Folsom, CA June 27, 2012/Business Wire/ — RACKWISE®, Inc. (OTCBB:RACK.OB) (the “Company”) announced today that Harkeeret Singh, a member of the Company’s Industry Advisory Board, has been honored with the prestigious Judges Award (the “Award”) at the 5th Annual Datacentres Europe Awards held recently in London.

Mr. Singh, Global Head of Energy and Sustainable IT at Thompson Reuters and Co-Founder at Talent for Technology, was presented the Award for his work as lead author of The Green Grid’s Data Center Maturity Model (PDF) » (DCMM) and supporting white paper (PDF) ». Together, the DCMM and accompanying white paper outline capability descriptors by area providing users the ability to benchmark their current performance, determine their maturity levels, and identify requisite steps and innovations to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in their current and future environments. The maturity model looks at every aspect of the data center including power, cooling, compute, storage and network. The levels of the model outline current best practices and a 5-year roadmap for the industry.

Mr. Guy Archbold, RACKWISE®, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are delighted that Harkeeret Singh has been honored with the Judges Award at the 2012 Datacentres Europe Awards for his leadership and innovation as primary author of The Green Grid’s Data Center Maturity Model and associated white paper. Harqs has been a globally recognized advocate for innovative green sustainable IT infrastructure strategies and this most recent Award further validates his reputation amongst information technology professionals and his peers within the data center infrastructure management market (“DCiM Xtm”) sector. This is truly an honor for Harqs to be so highly regarded and recognized in his industry and our Company benefits greatly from his strategic guidance and insight in this critical dimension of data center maturity and associated benefits within the DCiM Xtm discipline.”

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