First Look

Rackwise provides Data Center Infrastructure Management Software that helps monitor, manage, optimize, visually map and proactively assess risk across all your data center assets. Our software is used by commercial and government clients throughout the world.

Our DCiM X Software can identify areas in your data center that can be problematic like:

  • Highlighting hot spots on your data center floor which allows you to proactively address these concerns
  • Managing the chaos of redeployment of assets (add, change, delete) for data center consolidations or growth
  • Capability of creating scalable ‘what if’ scenarios to proactively meet future data center demands … while allowing you to drive data center efficiencies
  • Need for ‘at a glance’ dashboards and reports showing data center current state, possible areas of concern, costs, and revenue growth for executive management
  • Ability to create reports and tasks that are ‘actionable’ allowing you to incorporate DCIM Best Practices

Gartner states that clients can expect to receive a 20% ROI on a DCIM investment!

Most of our clients are able to re-coop the cost of their investment in ‘Year One’.