Asset management and knowing every asset’s physical location are essential for both documentation and for managing the enterprise and data center infrastructures.

Asset Management

  • All physical inventory (racks, devices, device modules and blades, floor mounted facilities and IT equipment)
  • Report on devices by:
    • Asset ID
    • IP Address or Subnet
    • Customer, Department, or Business Unit
    • Device Location information
    • Manufacturer
    • User Defined properties
  • All software and virtual assets. (operating systems, VM software, utilities, applications)
  • Support for integrations with industry standard IT workflow and CMDB systems including those from BMC and ServiceNow
  • Association of warranty, service contracts, service cycle and lifetimes to hardware and software assets
  • Lifecycle analysis of devices
  • Automated Assembly Reports
  • Association of business service, application, business unit or department, contact information

Click to view asset management app screenshot thumbnail

Click to view asset management app screenshot thumbnail

Tracked information is fully end user customizable. Users may add “custom attributes” to any asset. These custom attributes can then be easily incorporated into new or existing reports. Build custom reports with industry standard Microsoft Report Builder or Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio from an open database of asset information.


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