Power Management in RACKWISE DCiM Xtm includes extensive modeling and real-time energy management tools which encompass and rationalize your entire data center power chain.

Power Management

  • Documentation of the data center power network connectivity from the public utility through ATS, UPS, PDU, breaker panel, circuit, power strip outlet, rack mounted enclosure and individual power supply.
  • Full 3 Phase power support
  • Full AC/DC power support
  • Full power infrastructure capacity reporting
  • Power consumption can either be drawn from the real world environment or de-rated from manufactures name plate data
  • Identification of top power consuming racks
  • Identify top power consuming equipment
  • Display PDU circuit phase balance
  • Navigate, Inspect, and Edit power chain within single-line power diagrams
  • Identify associated equipment, application, and business service per circuit
  • Track power connectivity from/through:
    • Source (Public utility or generator)
    • ATS
    • PDU
    • RPP (Breaker Panel)
    • UPS
    • Power strip
    • Device
    • Power Supply

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Click to view Power Management Failure Dashboard Thumbnail Image

Tracked information is fully end user customizable. Users may add “custom properties”, which is, any information and value to be tracked. Build custom reports with Microsoft Report Builder or Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio from an open database of asset information.


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