With RACKWISE DCiM Xtm you can not only model physical assets, but simultaneously ensure that critical associations between physical and logical components are captured to help manage virtualization and crucial software relationships between assets within the enterprise.

Virtual Machine Modeling

      With the explosion of virtualization in use at data centers today, gaining insight into the distribution and consumption of virtual resources has become critical to effective


    provides the foundation to aggregate critical physical and logical information into one source for effective analysis:

  • Virtual Machine (VM) physical attributes and allocations can be captured and modeled.(memory, disk, CPUs, etc.)
  • Associations with a variety of software infrastructure including OS’s, applications, service elements can be recorded and reported
  • Associated responsible parties, business services and contact information
  • Lifecycle analysis of devices
  • Real time monitoring of virtual status and other attributes, i.e. CPU utilization
  • Performance metrics for virtual assets are incorporated into roll-up reporting for energy utilization and capacity planning

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Know where virtual machines are in the data center, and the resources they are configured for. Quickly and easily produce detailed virtual machine management reports. Track and trend any variable value provided by the virtual machines’ management interface. At a glance determine historical and trend information on VM activity and resource consumption.


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